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Crossfit Victus is a large, modern fitness facility specialising in functional fitness. Our aim is to make you better at life. Whether that be weight loss, increased strength, sports readiness or just having energy after a long day to play with your kids / grandkids. Our self paced workouts are exciting and unique, and our members are the most friendliest people in the history of the universe.

We are located at Unit 3, 17-25 Lake Albert Road Wagga Wagga in a gym that is 100% CrossFit. Our training methods produce undisputed, tangible results for all levels of fitness; from teenagers to the elderly, and everything in between. Our program efficiently combines the most effective training methods of Weightlifting, Gymnastics, and Metabolic Conditioning. There isn’t a more exciting and fun strength and conditioning program anywhere that works with a greater diversity of tools, modalities, and drills.

The What, How and Why we do what we do at CFV, and why more and more people are coming to CrossFit Victus for a healthier, happier life amongst the friendliest, and most motivating people around.

Our members set goals, and everyday they break down barriers and set new standards for themselves. Our training is self paced and can be intense, depending on the level you wish to push yourself, and it creates a bond among our members that can’t be faked or manufactured. Together we sweat, we expose weaknesses and we get stronger…together. The community aspect of CrossFit is our greatest strength. At CrossFit Victus there are no ego’s, no bad attitudes or no Hero’s. Just a group of amazing, everyday people training with one common goal - To be the best possible version of themselves.

We are supportive, we are competitive, we are strong, we are humble, we are athletes...
We are CrossFit Victus.

Getting StartedAny new adventure can be daunting - which is why we will take the first step together.

free intro session

Much of CrossFit can seem daunting and challenging at first. Once again this is where CrossFit heads away from your traditional gym and follows a much more coaching-intensive path.

The first step is to turn up to one of our scheduled free intro sessions at 5:30pm on Monday evenings. This is a fun one hour session so you can try CrossFit for the first time. We will walk you through CrossFit Victus Box (Gym), have a quick chat about "What is CrossFit and Fitness" and then you will do a CrossFit baseline workout to finish the session.

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After this, it’s up to you whether you keep moving forward with your CrossFit journey or not. If so it’s on to Elements program!

Over the course of 2 x 1 hour sessions (or one 2 hour session) we will introduce you to all the fundamental movements within CrossFit. The goal is not to make you into a black belt ninja of these movements, but to introduce you to our standards, our coaching style, cues and most importantly to start to teach you how to move.

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The Crossfit Victus Community will redefine your idea of Fitness

Photo GalleryThe superstars of CrossFit Victus, doing the extraordinary, day in day out.

Crossfit Wagga Crossfit Wagga Crossfit Wagga
Crossfit Wagga Crossfit Wagga Crossfit Wagga
Crossfit Wagga Crossfit Wagga Crossfit Wagga


Competitors WOD* - Fortnightly only (minimum of 10 members booked in to run)
Victus Mums - Click here for more info

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Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
5:30am Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit
6:30am Crossfit
Open Gym
Open Gym
Open Gym
Open Gym
8:00am Victus Mums Victus Mums
8:30am Crossfit
9:30am Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit
10:00am Competitors WOD*
10:30am Victus Mums Victus Mums
4:30pm Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit
5:00pm VICTUSstrength
5:30pm Crossfit & FREE Intro Session Crossfit Crossfit Crossfit
6:00pm Crossfit
6:30pm Crossfit
Open Gym
Open Gym
Open Gym
Open Gym

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Crossfit Victus
Unit 3, 17-25 Lake Albert Road
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