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Tick Tock
Posted July 30th, 2015


How much do we lose our shit if we have to wait for something? I bet it even pissed you off if your WIFI is a little slow and you had to wait an extra few seconds for this article to load.

Time has become the most important thing to us, and we seem to be on the hunt for more. In particular, the quality of it. We’re slaves for any little gadget or trick that gives us the ability to do something quicker. The world moves at a tremendously fast pace and it’s virtually impossible to keep up with work, social networks, media, news, even friends and family. But if you look at your life a bit closer, I’d be willing to bet you’re wasting time on all the wrong things and life is slipping by for all the wrong, unnecessary reasons.

Summer is just around the corner and theres no better time of the year to reconnect with family and friends. Suns out, days are longer, and life revolves around the outdoors once again. But as the long sunny days... Continue reading article


Strength Baby! (and the 9 other ones)
Posted July 30th, 2015

Crossfit Victus Throwdown

10 general physical skills. Strength. Stamina. Endurance. Flexibility. Power. Speed. Coordination. Agility. Balance. Accuracy. These ten words describe the predominant characteristics of almost any activity you are likely to encounter, and therefore your capability in each... Continue reading article

CrossFit Victus will redefine your idea of fitness, teamwork & community.
Posted July 13th, 2015

Crossfit Victus Throwdown

There’s a lot being said about CrossFit, and the amount of information and opinion increases as this type of training gains momentum. If you’re interested in trying it, or have even tried it elsewhere, I guarantee the experience you’ll get at CrossFit Victus will be different... Continue reading article

Winter is here...
Posted June 25th, 2015

The Wall game of thrones

We are trudging through the long cold dark depths of winter and it’s this time of year where motivation can be found wanting. Its dark and cold when you wake up, Its dark and cold when you finish work so getting to the box can be a tough ask. And when you do get there, mustering enough... Continue reading article

The CFV 6amers
Posted May 22nd, 2015

night road

Its cold... It’s dark. You open your eyes to what seems to be a cross between an electric shock, and a heel kick to the face. It’s your alarm clock. Surely its not that time already? You wearily roll out of bed. Some quickly scoff a banana or a glass of water. Some have mustered up the will... Continue reading article