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CrossFit: Not as crazy as it used to be
Posted May 6th, 2015

Crossfit Victus

You’ve seen the Youtube videos and now the thought of attending a CrossFit Class scares the hell out of you?! Here’s three facts to let you know that what you’ve seen isn’t necessarily what you get:

1) It’s not that hardcore.

In CrossFits early days, it was conducted in warehouse style, grungy gyms. Heavy metal music would blast from the speakers and bloody hands, vomiting and agony were considered a badge of honor in the hardcore department.

For most CrossFit Gyms (the good ones) these days are over, and in many gyms, such as CFV, this is frowned upon. A good crossfit session is designed to be challenging but achievable, is scalable according to your individual abilities, and you after you’ve finished, you should feel tired but empowered. Its totally up to you how hard you go, and your results will be reflected by your intensity. Simple as that.

“Joining Crossfit Victus was easily the most nerve wracking, intimidating but rewarding health decision I've ever made. At first I thought it was exclusively for athletes and something I could never do, but my frame of mind has slowly changed and I now know I can do anything - no matter how tough it seems.”
- Pam Whaley.

2) Crossfitters on average don’t necessarily resemble those you see at the CrossFit Games.

Sure, you will lose weight, gain muscle and generally look awesome, but those guys and girls you see flooding youtube are the tip of the spear and professional CrossFit athletes. Step into a CrossFit Box and you’ll see all ages, shapes and sizes training together and getting around each other. Whoever you are, whatever you look like, trust me when I say you’ll fit right in!

“Feeling frumpy and self-conscious I was extremely intimidated, but nothing else was working so I quashed my fear and decided to give it a try. What was completely unexpected though was just how supportive, encouraging, patient and genuinely interested in helping me the coaching staff were. From that day I have never looked back and I am proudly a self-confessed CrossFit addict.”
- Libby Hogan

3) The things we do aren’t that crazy:

Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting, jumping, pulling and pushing are all movements we enjoy during a CrossFit workout, but we didn’t step in to the Gym with all these skills under our belt. The movements are scaled and we all started at the beginning. Mastering the basics and progressing from there. We teach you each movement in its most basic form and add layers as you improve. We never stop learning and theres always something to get better at which is the beauty of CrossFit!

"After a year of going to a regular gym and struggling to reach my goals so i decided to give CrossFit Victus a go. Since then I have reached goals I didn’t see possible and now thanks to Mark Edis and his team at CFV I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and I will get there.”
- Ben Kaylock

The best way to truly gain an opinion is to come and check it out for yourself. I'm confident we can smash any pre-conceptions you may have about what goes on behind our doors. Call us today and begin your CrossFit journey at a place oozing with awesome people, knowledgable coaching staff and a genuine interest in making you better at life.

- Mark Edis