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CrossFit Victus Newbie Guide
Posted November 14th, 2014

Crossfit Victus Community

Technique, Technique, Technique:

We talk about Intensity as being a crucial part of CrossFit, but this has its place in the New CrossFitter Hierarchy - Technique, Constancy then intensity. Don’t worry about the clock, get your skills squared away first. Speed will come more naturally once you have mastered moving efficiently.

Be a sponge:

Don’t be afraid to ask the coaches millions of questions. Its what we are here for. We are only too happy to check your technique, critique a movement, or demonstrate the correct way to do something. If your coach cannot do it, find another box immediately.

Turn up early:

This is the best time to practice a skill. After an initial warm up while your still fresh. Rather than after a WOD when fatigue has set in. The coaches are only too happy to spend some time with you honing those skills.

Introduce yourself:

You have just joined the most friendly and inviting training environment in the history of the universe. I am extremely proud of the fact that CFV has been built on “word of mouth” and “friends bringing friends” and as a result, we are all very like minded people with a lot in common. I’m willing to bet that it’s totally different to any gym environment you’ve been in previously. Everyone is hanging to get to know you!

Appearance means nothing:

Don’t worry what you look like, or how you dress, no-one cares. We don’t believe in mirrors, (they are actually counter-productive to good form). Dress comfortably, in clothes you would expect to get dirty and sweaty in. Like something you would wear if you were building a hide-out, doing pottery or playing in the mud.

Be Patient:

You have just stepped up to the bottom of a very steep learning curve. Don’t get frustrated if your progression is slow, and don’t compare yourself to others on the whiteboard. Progression can be measured in many different ways. Even if you think your not making any headway, believe me when I say that you are. The coaches notice your improvement, your friends and family will notice too. Get used to receiving complements.

Define Your Goals:

Figure out what your personal goals are. Why did you want to join CrossFit? Did you just move to a new town and want to meet people? Do you want to lose weight? Are you a former athlete looking to start a sport again? Figure out your personal goals, write then down and talk to a coach about helping you set a plan in place to achieve them.

If there is anything you need, ask:

We, as coaches, do this because above all, we genuinely care about you and want you to succeed. Some days you’ll win, some days you may feel like you’ve lost. Just as in life, we all have days like this and thats what makes us human. Whether its nutrition, motivation, extra coaching or you just want to chat. Our coaches specialize in all these areas and then some.

- Mark Edis