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Fitness Cliche #4 - Summer bodies are made in winter
Posted April 10th, 2015

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The days are getting shorter, Polar bears have begun skulking around our bins and the urge to rug up in daggy trackies and re-mould that “ass print” on the couch is getting stronger. It might seem a little premature to talk about next summer and Its quite the cliche/motivational poster but the fact is, Summer bodies are made in Winter. And how we decide to spend the next few months will dictate how we spend the glorious warmer months come Spring.

Each year we see two big influxes of new members. They are January (post Christmas/ new year), in September (pre-summer), with pre-summer being the busiest time by quite some margin. The reason being that there isn’t much which is more terrifying, and thus motivating, than the thought of having to partially undress and get around, scantily-clad in swimwear, in front of everybody else, which is especially true when we feel a bit out of shape.

Many of us will go into full shut down mode for winter then tend to go into a full panic when the warm weather breaks. The problem for many of us though is that if we wait until six weeks pre-summer, we have left it too late as we are not six or eight weeks away from the body that we want, not even close. These approaches are extremely demanding, are absolutely miserable to go through, and are almost never sustainable. It's also worth mentioning that for some of us, these programs often instill, or perpetuate, an unhealthy relationship with both food and exercise.

In order to keep things on par, and avoid these training and nutrition extremes, we need to find a way of exercising and eating that we can sustain, and something that will keep us in shape all year round.

We will do far better if we take a longer-term view and started our summer beach body program now. Both the nutrition and exercise will feel less of a chore, and we can avoid the feelings of deprivation and claustrophobia that go hand in hand with short-term approaches. And because we have given ourselves six months, rather than six weeks, we do not need to be extreme in anything we do, which means that we are more likely to start to view exercising and making better food choices as a positive, rather than something that feels oppressive.

Get into CrossFit Victus and let us guide you through the cooler months and get you primed for your best summer Yet! Our program is fully individualised according to your level of fitness and we can taylor a nutritional program to help you get the most out of your training. Reach your goals, have fun and make new friends amongst the most encouraging and motivating training environment around.

- Mark Edis