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Muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen
& built in the bed
Posted March 16th, 2015

Crossfit Victus

As coaches at CFV, we love seeing you awesome beasts roll in every day for a workout. We are however, quietly mindful of how often we see you. We here about issues relating to soreness, that “niggling” shoulder injury or low energy levels and think to ourselves; “when did they last have a rest day?”

Resting is the most under utilised, and one of the most important aspects of your training program. Rest isn’t for the weak, the lazy or unmotivated. it is the only opportunity your body will get to fully recover from the damage we do to it during intense workouts. As athletes we constantly chase improvement, a heavier lift or a faster Fran time. We also look to alternatives to achieve these gains; Train more, better equipment, lifting shoes, better diet. Do we see people taking their foot off the gas and having a day off? No Way!

It can lead to feelings of guilt if you don’t train everyday but if you switch your mindset and look at resting as part of your training, it shouldn’t be something you feel bad about doing.

Here are some signs you are over training and need some rest:

Decreased Performance.
Longer than usual muscle soreness.
Decreased desire to train.
A plateau in performance.

When should you rest?

The obvious answer is whenever you feel the need. But at least once a week. This leads me into a quick side note to discuss “cherry picking”. Cherry picking has received a bad wrap in the past and is defined as looking up tomorrows WOD and avoiding it if you are not a fan of the movements. If this IS the reason you cherry pick then you should get a slap on the backside for it. It is however, good in relation to how you are feeling at the time and if you read tomorrows WOD and your body is begging you for a day off? Listen to it.

The idea is to identify these signs and ensure you are looking after your body the right way so you don’t have to suffer in the future. Schedule a rest day and if CFV is your outlet from the day to day grind of life then come in, hang out, socialise and stretch.

- Mark Edis