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The 4 Fundamentals of any Training Program
Posted April 10th, 2015

Crossfit Victus

Regardless of the type of training you choose to dive into, there are four things that your regime should include. For me, CrossFit is the best fit for encompassing these four crucial components and developing competency across the domains:


Any type of movement is better than nothing. Regardless of the type you choose (cycling, endurance running, boxing etc), movement is the fundamental tool to keep our bodies active.


We all want to be able to lift heavy things. Whether its furniture, bags of groceries, bricks/ tiles or timber, or that heavy barbell that’s staring up at us at the gym. Being weak isn’t fun for anyone, and it just makes things harder in general.

Work Capacity

This is the ability of our body to do work. Regardless of time, intensity or the form in which the task takes. The better your work capacity, the easier it will be to carry out any task that life throws at you.


Ensuring we carry out these tasks safely and correctly. By using our muscles and joints the way nature intended, through correct and full range of motion. Good technique ensures we move efficiently and optimally.

Encompassing these 4 fundamentals of fitness is what the CrossFit Methodology does best. Crossfit Victus promotes functional fitness, through a program which teaches correct technique, then performance of that correct technique consistently, then with intensity. Intensity creates a platform to accelerate results, whether that be weight loss, strength or performance gains in general, or for a specific sport.

- Mark Edis