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The CFV 6amers
Posted May 22nd, 2015

night road

Its cold... It’s dark. You open your eyes to what seems to be a cross between an electric shock, and a heel kick to the face. It’s your alarm clock. Surely its not that time already?

You wearily roll out of bed. Some quickly scoff a banana or a glass of water. Some have mustered up the will to rise even earlier and cook breakfast. For most its way to early to even eat. The heater in the car hasn’t even had a chance to perform its task as you creep through the quiet, foggy streets and arrive at the box.

One by one these unique individuals, known as the CFV 6amers, wearily march through the door. Shoulders up, in an attempt to keep the chill from the neck and ears. Hands hidden in pockets or sleeves. We’re greeted with bed hair and beanies as they groan out a muffled “good morning” through an archaic yawn; A battle cry unique to the steel willed few who have decided that the lure of a better self out ways the lure of Doona and Pillow.

As we explain the WOD, the red eyed death stares cut though us. “They look like they want to kill me, is it sinking in?” We'll explain it again if I have to... we don't mind. Shortly after, the moans from tight muscles and a deafening silence of "going through the motions" is heard during the warmup. As muscles become warm, the body heat begins to remove the chill from air and the collective beast awakens.

Once the WOD begins, these dreary eyed drones flick the switch and turn into Gods of War. Intensity, skill and ferocity makes it impossible to believe that less than 45 minutes ago these warriors were fast asleep, most likely dreaming about what they’re doing now. With no existing scores to beat, no pace to gauge, these are the Captains bestowed with the task of setting the scores and pace for the day.

3..2..1... Time!! Done, spent, awake!

As Coaches, we get super pumped about taking this session. Because of you 6amers, we get to wake up and start our day with some of the most inspiring and dedicated people we know. We get coffee, and a front row seat to a 60 minute live motivational video.

So a huge thanks to you guys and your warrior spirit, thanks for not caring about having to run, lift heavy things or throw yourselves around the rig first thing in the morning. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to leave the box at 7am empowered to follow your lead. And thanks for not caring that it’s cold, dark, and 6am.

- Mark Edis