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Tick Tock
Posted August 4th, 2015


How much do we lose our shit if we have to wait for something? I bet it even pissed you off if your WIFI is a little slow and you had to wait an extra few seconds for this article to load.

Time has become the most important thing to us, and we seem to be on the hunt for more. In particular, the quality of it. We’re slaves for any little gadget or trick that gives us the ability to do something quicker. The world moves at a tremendously fast pace and it’s virtually impossible to keep up with work, social networks, media, news, even friends and family. But if you look at your life a bit closer, I’d be willing to bet you’re wasting time on all the wrong things and life is slipping by for all the wrong, unnecessary reasons.

Summer is just around the corner and theres no better time of the year to reconnect with family and friends. Suns out, days are longer, and life revolves around the outdoors once again.

But as the long sunny days tick by, how will you be spending them?

a) Throwing yourself at every experience with your family and friends and seizing every opportunity to create amazing memories.
b) Looking for any excuse not to have to get in a pair of swimmers and searching for clothes to cover up a body you’re not happy with, and excluding yourself from the things you’d give anything to be a part of.

Think about how much time you’ll waste avoiding, and missing those things you really want to do this summer, all because you’re not comfortable with how you look and feel. At the end of last summer you promised yourself that this year things would be different. Its not too late, time is still on your side but you have to start now. Don’t get into a situation 12 weeks from now and look back on this moment and think “If only I had’ve started when I read that article.” (See Fitness Cliche #4 - Summer bodies are made in winter)

CrossFit Victus is your solution to obtaining that summer body you’ll be itching to show off. Our no nonsense approach to fitness and nutrition has a proven track record so let us make sure you don’t spend another summer on the side lines. Our workouts are designed to achieve maximum results in minimal time, we can tailor nutrition plans to suit as well as weekly measurements and body assessments to keep you on track. Its not as hard as you may think, we believe in you, all you have to do is turn up.

- Mark Edis