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Winter is here...
Posted June 25th, 2015

The Wall game of thrones

We are trudging through the long cold dark depths of winter and it’s this time of year where motivation can be found wanting. Its dark and cold when you wake up, Its dark and cold when you finish work so getting to the box can be a tough ask. And when you do get there, mustering enough Mojo to smash through a workout can be even tougher. Here’s five ways you can change things up, and hopefully carry you through until the end of the Grey.

Change your training time:
Book in to a WOD at a different time. Training amongst a new set of faces and even people you may be yet to meet might just be enough of a change to re-invigorate you.

Get a training Buddy:
Remember WOD Wingman? Does anyone still have a training buddy? or is that now an awkward relationship where you only speak when its about who’s weekend it is to have the foam roller you bought together.

Reward yourself for a week well done:
Make a deal with yourself. If you commit to, and attend a set amount of WODs in a week, you’ll reward yourself with your favorite meal. This is guilt free! You’ve earn’t it!

Ignore the clock:
This is awesome for AMRAPS. If you don’t feel like going as hard as you normally do, just come in and roll through the work out without the intensity. Turning up and doing anything is better than sitting at home doing nothing. Just tell the coaches not to write your score up. No Biggie.

Keep it simple:
Dont look for reasons or spend half the day thinking up excuses not to go to the Box. Understanding that when everything is said and done, you love this stuff and you always feel amazing when you’ve finished a WOD and leave the box. Chase that feeling.

"Winter doesn't care if a man's free folk or crow. We're all the same to it, meat for its army. But together we can beat it."
- Jon Snow.