Meet the Team

Meet our team of passionate coaches, dedicated to helping you achieve your highest level of health (in whatever form that means to you)

Coach Gus

Coaching/teaching is my absolute passion. I am a primary school teacher by trade but the confines of a classroom wasn’t for me.

I finally caved to my wife’s 16mths of persistence for me to join her in CrossFit in 2014. At the time we were becoming PT’s and I was in the process of changing my very unhealthy lifestyle. Turns out two classes in, I was hooked. Within the month I wanted to become a CF Coach.

I have been coaching CF for 7yrs. Why do I coach?? It’s simple, I love the process of helping people better themselves. Whether it’s the kids, Senior Power or anyone else in between I just love helping.

Seeing the light bulb moment, the reaction to a member’s first box jump, hearing “Gus I don’t need to lean on the arm of the chair when I get up now, I can just stand up”, the quiet little smile when they get a sneaky PB on the Deadlift they have been chasing for a couple of years…. Is all the validation I need to know I’m in the right gig.

I am fortunate to have a wife who loves CrossFit and the CF lifestyle almost as much as me. Our little girl will grow up with our way of life, which I believe will set her up for whatever she wants to conquer as she grows up.

Looking forward to the next 7yrs full of challenges, wins and lessons.

Coach José

Started in CrossFit 2012 after a gym friend and I were curious about CF, and I used to live up from the old box. Got hooked straight away.

Inspired by K-Starr and Carl Paoli, I saw the potential of CF to change the narrative on health and fitness, reach a broad audience from every age group and ability, and felt I could be good at it. It gave me confidence, knowledge and grew into a passion. It lead me to be a remedial massage therapist and pursue being a physiotherapist.

Favourite part of coaching is seeing the look in someone’s eyes when they learn something new, have a break through, exceed their expectations of what they’re capable of, and challenge their understanding of what health and fitness can be in their lives. Also, there’s always something to learn to help one grow, physically or mentally.

CF L2 coach
Registered Remedial Massage Therapist
Mobility coach
Gymnastic and weightlifting enthusiasts
Student – BA Physiotherapy

Love a good series, drama, comedy, animation, action etc. NFL fan, go GIANTS!!!

I have a large family, modern family is pretty close representation 😄

Coach Matt AKA Screech

I come from rugby league background spanning over four decades, which has taken its toll on the body. I immediately loved the extra mobility it gave me while improving strength when I started CrossFit in 2015.

I enjoy learning and tweaking the never ending list of movements and sharing my knowledge with the members.

The knowledge I have gained from coaching has benefited me and my sons have benefited from me being physically able to tackle any task life throws at me.

I started coaching in 2020 and love it. Personally I love improving my coaching with each class. However seeing the improvements over time to members and knowing I played a small part in that is what really drives me as a coach.

Coach Riss

AKA Clarissa, but no one calls me that, except when I’m in trouble.

I started CrossFit around 7 years ago after being referred by a friend. My first month terrified me, as the members seemed super human and so strong. I thought to myself, that I could never do what they are doing, but here I am 7 years later doing what they were doing.

The community at CFV and the coaches at the time, pushed me to believe in my abilities, which forged my way into becoming a CrossFit coach.

Although I’m 7 years down the track, I still remember the feeling of ticking off some of the movements that I never thought I would get, and now feeling proud when one of the members are able to achieve their goals. This is the reason I still coach and I still love what I do.

Coach Andi

‘I love CrossFit for the community that comes with it’

I started CrossFit in 2016. I couldn’t believe how much it helped improve my fitness for playing AFL. I increased my vertical leap by 10cm in 6 short months, I was running laps around the previous version of myself and it came with an awesome community of likeminded humans…I was hooked!

As an Air Force Physical Training Instructor, I am passionate about helping people become better versions of themselves. My Air Force career means that I have to relocate every 3 years…

CrossFit’s inclusive nature means that I can find an incredible community of likeminded humans in every part of the country.

I love how CrossFit creates an environment that encourages people to find the best version of themselves.

I really enjoy how the process isn’t just about getting fitter and stronger. It asks you to learn and tick off a long list of skills, every time you tick another box it’s a personal victory. From your very first double under (1 whole year for me) to finally getting a muscle up.

The best part about being a coach is being able to share in other peoples CrossFit journeys…

Coach Amy

Since primary school I have always played a variety of sports. Hockey and swimming were the main ones growing up followed by AFL and water polo then CrossFit. I have previously coached junior water polo and the school hockey and water polo.

I got into CrossFit through a friend and thought I would only last a couple of years. Eight years later I am in love with it.

CrossFit for me compliments other sports as well as allows you to live a quality life.

I am passionate about food and cooking, sport and exercise, art and design, books and dogs. I get great satisfaction as a coach from seeing members challenge themselves through CrossFit.

The CrossFit community it unlike anything else I have experienced in sport. Positive, encouraging and fun. I enjoy the mental challenge that CrossFit provides as it keeps me mentally agile and on my toes. I really love seeing members break through that mental hurdle and get a movement or weight for the first time. That’s gives me great joy. I just want to help people become the best version of themselves through CrossFit.