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Free Intro Session

This is a fun one hour “free” introduction session so you can try CrossFit for the first time. We will walk you through CrossFit Victus Box (Gym), have a quick chat about “What is CrossFit and Fitness!” and then you will do a CrossFit baseline workout to finish the session (one per person only).

Kalorie Killa*

The proof is in the pudding here at CFV, we’ve tested this class and the excitement built around it is outstanding! A functional fitness, high-intensity class specifically designed to boost metabolism and ensure optimum fat loss, as we guide you into a massive caloric deficit. Maybe it’s the name, maybe it’s the work/rest ratios we give you, or maybe it’s just because it’s an awesome session! We all know that the key to fat loss is burning more calories than you take in and this class is geared for exactly that purpose.

Interval training at its finest, the new Kalorie Killa session (which is not CrossFit) based around 8 x 3-minute AMRAP stations with one-minute rest after each, which follows an intermediate/advanced level warm-up which gets you fired up, tuned in, and ready to go. Your first session is free, there’s no obligation to join and no previous experience is required. Bookings are essential and classes are capped so contact us via inbox to reserve your spot.


A quick, hump day session designed to get you in and out. Fast work/rest rounds including machines, Bodyweight, and light loads, this class will get your heart rate up as well as putting you into an optimum fat burning zone. The addition of the bodyweight or external loads will help your body continue to burn calories and build lean muscle long after the workout is over.

The Chapel*

Either an awesome Sunday morning wake-up call or a post saturday night cleanse, this class is designed around just getting a set amount of work done. Choose your own pace and bring a friend to halve the workload. After a short and effective warmup, it’s up to you to push through the workload.

Dig in and get it done or settle in and trudge through it but once you’ve finished the work that’s it. It’s as simple as that!.

The Green Mile*

This class is a fantastic opportunity to kick your weekend off in the best way possible! Teams of two or three come together for an epic chipper, with an Everest style amount of work to get through. Long distances or Skis, Bikes, Rowers or running combined with big sets of functional movements using both bodyweight and state of the art equipment.

Come in at 8:30am Saturdays, get the work done and go about the enjoyment of the weekend knowing you’ve earned whatever comes. Come in with your team already organised, or by yourself and we’ll pair you up with likeminded people (and some new friends!)

This isn’t a CrossFit class you don’t need any previous CF experience. Your first session is free and you have nothing to lose! Book in via our website or inbox us with any questions you may have.

CrossFit Kids at CrossFit Victus is a functional fitness program that is specially designed for kids (5 – 11yrs) and teenagers (12 – 16yrs), equipping them with the skills to develop a lifelong love of fitness, whilst instilling values such as self respect, focus, co-operation and confidence. >>More Info.

Victus Mums

Victus Mums is a female-only class and is taken by a female coach. It focuses on targeting typical problem areas that women have; tummy, hips, and thighs with
lower-body resistance exercises and cardio making up the bulk of the work period. A functional fitness class fully scalable for all fitness levels to ensure maximum results, maximum fun, and a maximum sense of achievement.

Open Gym

Crossfit Victus and the Coaches are at the members disposal. Come in and do a strength session, work on a skill or choose a benchmark to try and get your name on the board.

Drop-ins and Casual Visitors

We love having CrossFitters visit CrossFit Victus!

Due to CFV capping classes, visiting CrossFitters need to get in touch with us to book in to an available session on our timetable.